Book 1: How to Train Your Viscount

The only one who can help her is the man who broke her heart.

Four years ago, Lady Caroline Astley took one look at Henry Greville, Viscount Thetford, and fell horribly in love, in that particular way you can only fall in love at the age of fifteen.

He didn’t just reject her.

He humiliated her.

But now, in a stroke of rotten luck, he’s the only one who can help her.

It turns out that the “paste” pendant she borrowed from her sister, Anne, was no fake. It’s actually an ancient Egyptian amulet, and now Anne wants to auction it off to save hundreds of widows and orphans. What Caro can’t bear to tell her sister is that the necklace was stolen from right around her neck.

Caro has a few clues, but she doesn’t know an amulet from an obelisk, and the trail has gone cold. Guess who grew up in a house stuffed with Egyptian artifacts? Caro may despise Henry, but she needs him if she’s going to track down the thieves. Which begs the question of which is worse: letting down the orphans or risking her heart all over again.

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Book 2: What’s an Earl Gotta Do?

He lost her once. He can’t bear to lose her again.

Michael Cranfield, the Earl of Morsley, has been hopelessly in love with the girl next door, Lady Anne Astley, ever since they were fourteen years old.

This made it particularly jarring when she went and married someone else when his father sent him on a secret mission for the Crown in the wilds of Canada.

Now Anne is a widow, and Michael has a second chance to be with the woman he loves. He’s determined to marry Anne, take her back to Canada (where’s he’s spent the past four years training to be Governor General,) and wrap her up in cotton gauze so he’ll never have to be parted from her.

Anne still cringes when she recalls the day she learned with absolute certainty that Michael only saw her as a friend. But she isn’t the biddable girl Michael remembers, not any more. She’s found that being a widow, answering to no one, and running her London charity precisely as she sees fit suits her just fine. She does want to remarry because she’s always yearned for a large family, but only if she can find a husband who will support her in the charity work that means everything to her.

And if Michael Cranfield thinks she’s going to give up her charity to move to Canada, or let him boss her around, then he’d better think again!

What price will Michael be willing to pay to be with the woman he loves? What’s an Earl Gotta Do?

What’s an Earl Gotta Do? is available at these fine stores, most of which will allow you to download a free sample! And be sure to check out my Pinterest Page to see how I pictured Anne and Michael!

These are affiliate links where available, which means I may earn a small commission if you end up making a purchase. This does not impact the price you pay.

Coming in 2022: Book 3: The Sea Siren of Broadwater Bottom

Two scholars. One contest. Only one can be the winner …

Edward Astley has to win the classical translation contest being held at Oxford in two weeks. Literally, he has to, because his little brother, Harrington, got drunk and bet fifteen thousand pounds that he would, and their father will cut Harrington off if he finds out about his imprudent wager. Edward would never let his brother down, but he cannot possibly win this stupid contest. Not only will he be competing against fifty other scholars, but one of them is the latest star on the literary scene, the anonymous translator whose rendition of On the Sublime is taking Britain by storm. Meanwhile Edward hasn’t opened a Greek lexicon in years, because he secretly hates classical poetry following his grueling years at Cambridge.

Now he’s supposed to be studying, but all he can seem to think about is Elissa St. Cyr, the redheaded daughter of his former tutor, who’s every bit as brainy as she is delectable.

Elissa St. Cyr has problems of her own. She has to win that classical poetry contest, too. It’s her only chance to earn an academic credential so she’ll be taken seriously as a scholar. And with her father’s health failing, Elissa, her mother, and her three sisters will be left destitute unless Elissa can support them through her translation work.

To make matters worse, she managed to get stuck in the middle of a pond during a thunderstorm, and the person who happened along to rescue her, witnessing her in the most humiliating moment of her remarkably humiliating life, was her ultimate beau idéal, the brilliant Edward Astley. Now Elissa keeps bumping into Edward everywhere she goes. Which would normally be wonderful …

… except she’s worried he’s going to figure out that she is the anonymous translator everyone is talking about.

Only one of them can win. Will love be the loser? Find out in The Sea Siren of Broadwater Bottom!

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Coming in 2023: The Wicked Widows’ League!

The Wicked Widows’ League is a multi-author series all about widows who are single and looking to mingle… with some of England’s most notorious rakes! On May 2, 2023, I’ll be penning the 8th installment, Scoundrel for Sale!

He swore he would never touch her…

As his best friend lay dying on the battlefield, Gabriel Davenport made a pair of promises:

  • One, that he would make sure Hart’s little sister, Abigail, married another man.
  • And two, that Gabe, a notorious rake with a reputation for being a magnificent lover, would never lay a hand on her.

Four years later, Gabe has inherited his great-uncle’s estate, and along with it, his great-uncle’s astronomical debts. He needs to marry an heiress, but there isn’t time to find one. If he can’t produce five hundred pounds immediately, his great-uncle’s creditors are going to seize everything, including his poor great-aunt’s wedding ring.

A scandalous solution…

Gabe can only think of one way to come up with the blunt: put himself up for sale in London’s most notorious bachelor auction. He’ll have to spend the night pleasuring the highest bidder… no matter who it might be.

But what will Gabe do when the unthinkable comes to pass, and the winner of his auction is Abigail, Hart’s now-widowed little sister? It’s his worst nightmare… but also his dream come true. What’s a notorious rake to do?

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